Bedding sets

Bedding sets

Bedding of satin, cotton or linen? A question which everyone asks when chosing bed linen. And all of those fabrics as well as many others can be found with us. Finding a good bed linen is important not only for contributing to your good sleep and comfort, but it will also add to the interior of your bedroom or decorate your hotel room in a pleasant for you way. We are expecting you so we can offer you the best!

Kids bedding

Recommended for kids. Fabric with a quality certificate.
Fabrics of 100% cotton – ranfors, percale.

Standard bedding.

Variety of designs and fabrics.
Fabrics of 100% cotton or 70% / 30% cotton and polyester – hause, ranfors, percale, cotton satin.


For Your hotel or guest house.
Fabrics of 100% cotton, 70% / 30% cotton and polyester, 50% / 50% cotton and polyester and 100% polyester.

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