Over 100 different fabrics in the section interior textile, which vary in width, quality and price can be found with us. Linen, cotton, wool, polyester, acrylic and many more are part of the main line of the fabrics offered by us for the needs of the home, the hotel and the restaurants.

The color selection is expressive and indicative for the home owners and that’s why we are here, to offer you the best for every taste. Come to us!

Cotton fabric

Recommended for the sleeping areas of the home and the hotel.
Hause, Ranfors, Percale. Satin cotton with density ranging from 48 threads per cm2 to 87 threads per cm2.

Polycotton fabric and Linen fabric

Fabrics suitable for any interiors from homes to hotels.
This composition of the fabric is suitable for the manufacturing of bed covers, tablecloths, damasks, mattress covers and many other items for the home and the hotel.

Industrial fabric

Suitable for constructing sunshades and decorations.
Fabrics combining linen, cotton and polyester suitable for restaurants, because of their strength and sturdiness.

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